Conversion Optimization

Conversion is the primary aim of a website. It might be selling a product or service, retaining a reader for more time or encouraging to fill up a contact. To improvise conversion rate we analyze visitor behavior and associated data collected using tracking scripts. Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful web analytic tool by Google. It is the most widely used website statistics service having facility to track almost all types of activities being performed by a user on a webpage. Enhanced data display quality of GA is often confusing for new users. To get maximum out of your GA profile you need an expertise approach. Which is why we provide GA consulting service or conversion optimization service both as a separate service and included in our regular marketing packages.

Some of the steps are:

Tracking Code installation – GA can only track a visitor after the successful execution of its tracking code. This JavaScript tracking code needs to be installed correctly across all the web pages of a website. Our experts can help you out in the process of installing tracking code across every page no matter what type of CMS you are using.

Profile and Goal setup – Profiles provide you the maximum flexibility to personalize the collected data and with the help of Goal setup you can track different actions performed. We can help you out to setup Profile and Goals as per your requirement.

E commerce tracking – Besides normal Ecommerce tracking you can have advanced control over the activities by doing some manipulation into the tracking code. If you need some help in personalizing your tracking experience then feel free to contact us.

Report generation – Unlike other web analytics you can generate custom reports in GA. We provide custom service to setup custom reports inside your GA account, which will help you to have better inside look.

Conversion rate optimization – We provide CRO services to increase the conversion / sales from your website. Consult today to get a free evaluation.

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